An IPO is a once in a lifetime opportunity and being well prepared is critical to success. Anticipation, professional advice and thorough planning will therefore be necessary to meet your listing objective. Money Concepts provides services at all stages of preparing for an IPO and transforming your company from closed into a public entity.

The IPO services will be divided into three stages.

First Stage Services Include: (0 to 6 months)

  1. Arrangement of the Shareholders’ identity and the board of directors
  2. Rent office
  3. Help hire company secretary
  4. Company registration and establishment
  5. Management team arrangement
  6. Financial team arrangement
  7. Set up company related bank account

Six months consultancy services include:

1. Develop a company based on the standards of Hong Kong Commercial and Regulation
2. Set up shareholder and financial structure
3. Choose the Secretary who is competent and can meet the listing requirements. 

Others fees such as company registration fee, office rental fee, bank deposits, government fees and charges, financial and legal fees are accountable, not included in consultancy fees.

Second Stage Services Include: (7 to 12 months)

1. Help company to prepare roadshow material
2. Arrange roadshow venues and invite related professionals to participate
3. Arrange the related personnel to investigate the company business (including Hong Kong and Mainland China)
4. Arrange M&A and capital injection negotiations

Third Stage Services Include: (13 to 30 months)

Pre IPO arrangements include
1. Designated financial auditing, accounting
2. Corporate value evaluation
3. Written prospectus
4. Designated sponsors, underwriters, brokers and listed lawyers (Overseas and Hong Kong).
5. Assist the operation and efficiency of various parts, and strictly control the cost of listing
6. Arrange international placement