Company History

Money Concepts is a global financial institution with rich history in the wealth management business of more than 40 years.

Money Concepts International Incorporation was founded in 1979. John P. Walsh, founder of Money Concepts, recognized major weaknesses in the distribution systems of the financial services industry, and dedicated his new company to solving these problems. Mr. Walsh created a “turnkey” Money Concepts Financial Planning Center that allowed community based financial institutions, tax professionals and financial planners, a structured  way to offer their clients and customers holistic financial planning and wealth management solutions.

Money Concepts is a privately held company completely no  influence of product providers. Today, there are more than 700 Money Concepts Planning Centers throughout North America, Europe and the Pacific Rim.

Money Concepts Asia

In 2000, Money Concepts found the wealth management concepts was not generally adopted in Asia Region, Money Concepts has been the pioneer in bringing Money Concepts into Asia. The President of Money Concepts in Asia Region leads the company to extend its unique financial planning concepts in Asia region, especially in the Greater China. With our determined and consistent endeavor to make professional financial planning available to everyone, Money Concepts (Asia) is now one of the largest financial planning firms with a great reputation within the community. 

Our Philosophy

We pledge soundness and honesty in all our dealings with clients and companies with whom we affiliate.

We regard all associations as a trust and give our total attention to the best interest of our clients, now and in the future.

We insist that all arrangements must work equally well for all parties in both human and financial terms.

We will not associate ourselves with products or services that we cannot believe in and use with pride and integrity.

We will constantly be alert to changes in markets, products, regulations, and the economy for the opportunities they may create.

Strategy & Purpose

Bring individuals, corporations and financial institutions the tailor-made financial planning services.

The company’s principal objective is to deliver Professional Financial Planning Services through establishing and supporting an international network of identifiable Money Concepts Financial Planning Centers.

In order to further develop Money Concepts global network in Asia Region, we provide various localized services and products to our clients, looking for every treasured opportunity to build our brand and operate marketing activities with the help of partners in Asia region.

Awards & Corporate Social Responsibility

Over the years, Money Concepts (Asia) Holdings Ltd has won the following awards.


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