Membership policy

The Association upholds very high standards of professional membership.

All individuals and corporations who are interested in or practicing with fee-based charging structure are eligible to the membership. However, the membership is granted only upon the receipt of an official application (except Honorary and Fellow) and the membership grade is approved by the Fee Based Association with reference to applicant’s educational qualifications and professional experience. All membership applications are subject to scrutiny by the Association.

Membership structure

Status of Membership is determined by the following factors

  • Education background
  • Years of Professional service experience
  • Area of business
  • Qualification of the High Net Worth Member

It recognizes and registers qualified corporations and individuals who are in the field of:

  • Accounting
  • Insurance
  • Banking
  • Stock
  • Investment
  • Financial planning and consulting

Membership benefits

Professional recognition

Enjoying the status of being a member of the community of fee-based financial professionals, and through Fee Based Association differentiating you and your company from the crowd of tradition commission-based financial practitioners you may find exceptional attention is drawn.

Up-to dated news and trends

Getting the informative news and trends of fee-based charging structure and about the industry through the Association’s newsletter, e-mail, the Association’s Year Book and training courses and seminars organized by the Association.

Extensive Network

Through activities and seminars, you can develop your personal and business network which ultimately becoming your career development asset. Networking opportunities also go beyond Hong Kong as the Association will be affiliated to overseas fee-based associations and accept overseas membership.

Learning Opportunity

You can regularly seek advises from financial experts during the seminars, events, training and educational programs offered by the Association. Besides, you can benefit from idea sharing and learning from other professionals through our regular activities, e.g. gatherings, seminars. Also, you have the opportunity to get the RFC certificate.

Annual Money Concepts Financial Planning Conference Opportunity

You can be invited to the annual Money Concepts Financial Planning Conference, which can get well with the most update the information for the worldwide financial area and meet the high class businessman and experts to explore your social net circle.

Individual member

There are three membership grades in the individual membership:

  • Priority
  • Gold
  • Platinum

Intending applicants are welcomed to apply for any of the grades, except founding, honorary and fellow, which are granted by invitation from the Fee Based Association only. Except the voting rights, all members are entitled to the same high standards of services and privileges. Only Fellows and Full Members have the voting rights.

Founding Member

Leading institutions and prestigious professionals in Hong Kong in the banking, insurance, investment and related industries that have helped the establishment of Fee Based Association are eligible of being nominated as the founding members.

Gold Member

The Association may from time to time award honorary membership to those who have made outstanding contribution to the profession or to the development of The Association.

Platinum Member

The Association will award this membership to full member who

  • has admitted as full member not less than three years
  • possesses a minimum of five years relevant financial services experience
  • has made significant recognized contribution to the profession or The Association

Corporate member

Corporate Membership is also accepted for corporation with an interest dedicating to the provision of fee-based charging structure without commission to their clients

Entrance fee and annual subscriptions

  1. The entrance fee, annual subscriptions and upgrade fee are adjusted from time to time by the Fee Based Association. Annual Subscription is payable in advance on the first day of each membership year, which starts from the first day of the month when the membership is approved.
  2. A renewal packet will be sent to members before 31 December and the annual renewal fee is listed in the annual membership subscription
  3. Application fee of US$1000 is non-refundable.

Annual subscription

Types of membership Annual subscriptions
Founding Member US$1,000,000
Honorary Founding Member US$2,000,000
Fellow Member US$100,000,000

Application Procedures

Please send the completed application form together with the following documents to Fee Based Association:

  • Photocopies of academic qualifications
  • Testimonials or other evidence of the applicant’s work experience
  • Business name card and
  • One photos

To obtain the application form:
Please download membership application form here


Training courses organized by Fee Based Association

Event Date and topic will be appeared on the first page
After clicking on the topic, details of the courses will be provided on the next page

  • Brief introduction
  • What you will learn
  • Administrative information
    • Date
    • Time
    • Venue
    • Language
    • Fee
  • Speaker profile

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