Expand trainees’ capabilities and broaden their opportunities

Money Concepts University is an associate training and educational institution. Money Concepts University purpose is to advance your knowledge and expertise in financial planning and wealth management through well-developed and continuous education system. 

Money Concepts University emphasizes the practical knowledge in training, enhances complementation of theory and practice, and focuses on realization of ideas.

University Philosophy

  1. Continuous Training: Focus on upgrading wealth management and financial planning knowledge and skills
  2. Implementation of learning: Emphasize the application of knowledge and strategy in the financial market
  3. On-going improvement: In order to adapt to financial market with uncertainty, all training will be modified regularly with changes in global financial situation and direction

Strengths of University

  • More than 30 years of experience in education and professional training
  • Combination of traditional concepts and modem intelligence
  • Practical financial planning skills
  • Prompt response to global financial market
  • Courses are corresponding to current financial products

IARFC Recognition 

Money Concepts University is recognized by International Association of Registered Financial Consultants (IARFC).  If eligible, graduates of our courses can be applied for Registered Financial Associate (RFA) qualification.

Professional Financial Planning Program 

The Professional Financial Planning Program is for people with keen interest in becoming a professional financial planner. The focus will be aiming to improve individuals’ financial planning techniques, management and professional financial knowledge.

When you join Money Concepts, you become a member of an international organization of professionals dedicated to helping you reach your professional goals.

Mentors guide your learning process and help you shape your success path. Our ongoing learning expands your capabilities and broadens your opportunities, helping you grow your business faster than you would otherwise. You will be energized by the Money Concepts meetings, training sessions and congresses with like-minded professionals.

Two courses are offered under this program: Professional Financial Planning Certificate and Professional Financial Planning Diploma.

CEO Wealth Management Program

The Wealth Management Program has been designed for high net worth individuals using an active learning system. Classes are designed to enhance students’ financial knowledge and understanding risk involving investments. Also the understanding of “how to create a complete financial plan to reach my goals, be truly financially autonomous “.

By the end of the program, graduates will be able to perform their own financial planning and protection plan, evaluation of risks and investment strategies and management.

Two courses are offered under this program: CEO Wealth Management Certificate and CEO Wealth Management Diploma.

Family Office Wealth Management Program

The Family Office Wealth Management Program is designed for members of high net worth families (i.e. members of families with total investable asset of HKD150 million). The course focuses on enhancing students’ skills on managing family wealth in order to meet their long-term financial goals.

The curriculum of the course covers the keys to wealth preservation, growth, and succession. Students will also understand the psychology and background of money within the family and the strategies for avoiding common mistakes that families make. Therefore, the students will be able to find out the best practice in the management of family wealth and business.

Professional Family Office Consultant Program

The Professional Family Office Consultant Program is designed for wealth managers and individuals with interest in working as a family office management consultant.

The course focuses on developing students’ profession in managing family office and preserving family wealth. It aims at enhancing students’ ability in financial management, making investment decision, and it develops students into excellent family office consultants.