“We Provide True Wealth Management.”

Diversity and circumstance make it necessary to provide unique all-round and dedicated financial solutions customized to fit each client’s unique financial challenge and opportunity. Money Concepts offers customized advice, self-service research and trading tools. Whatever your special needs are, we offer the right mix of financial management services and accounts along with expert guidance.

-Wealth Management Service
We provide customized selection to fit individual needs. Our financial analysis and investment advice help clients achieve their financial goals.

All clients’ assets are under client’s own name. In custody of renowned custodian bank . Direct investment in mutual funds and insurance companies.

Comprehensive experience in wealth management. Unique market and global economic intelligence. Flexible and professional investment strategies. Rigorous Risk assessment and management.

-Holistic Financial Planning Solutions
Various investment schemes, including portfolio management, tax avoidance, retirement plan, asset accumulation, asset protection, insurance and trusts

– Growth Opportunities
Diversified investment products . Customized selection to fit individual needs


We provide customized selection to fit individual needs. Our financial analysis investment advice help clients achieve their financial goals

-Life Goal Planning
When starting a family, continual education, acquiring car or house property, or travelling, everyone in different stages of life have goals they want to achieve. No matter short term, medium term, or long term goals, it is important to create a right plan in order to fulfill your dreams.

-Saving Plan
We provide a diversified amount of saving choices with accordance to your financial goals. We will help you to accumulate wealth and will allow you the opportunity to grow.

-Retirement Planning
Today, living costs are rising and life span is becoming longer. Inflation, income and expenses after retirement, and medical insurance expenses, etc., lead to a longer and more costly retirement life. As a result, it is important to plan for accumulating adequate funds to enjoy your golden years.

-Child Education Planning
Parents always wish to provide the best for their children and to ensure that they have a bright future. Education is one of the most important parts for preparing your children future. However, it is a huge amount of tuition fee for either local or overseas education. In order to provide a quality education and choices of studying abroad, detailed and advanced planning is necessary.

-Estate Planning
Estate planning is more than just writing a will. If done correctly, organizing your assets can help avoid family conflicts. Adequate estate planning can ensure the estate to be taken safely over the financial risks which are posed by probate, creditors, lawsuits, and estate duty. Therefore, allowing you to determine the allocation of assets for many decades even after your death.

-Insurance and Protection Planning
Partnering with different insurance product providers, Money Concepts offers you consultation services and various kinds of insurance products.

General Insurance:

Domestic Helper Insurance
Fire Insurance
Golf Insurance
Home Insurance
Landlord Insurance
Mortgage Insurance
Motor Insurance
Pet Insurance
Professional Liability Insurance
Property Insurance
Theft Insurance
Travel Insurance
Working Holiday Care Insurance
Retirement Planning
Fine Art and Specie Insurance
Home Decoration Insurance
Flight Insurance
Marine Cargo Insurance
Pleasure Craft Insurance
Household Movement Insurance
Commercial Products Insurance
Credit Insurance
Engineering Insurance
Money Insurance
Machinery Insurance

Life Protection and Saving:

Life Insurance
Investment-Linked Insurance
Child Care Insurance
Inflation Insurance
Mortgage Life Assurance Plan

Health Protection:

Critical illness Insurance
Dental Insurance
Disability Insurance
Medical Insurance
Personal Accident Insurance
Maternity Insurance
Cancer Insurance
Long-term Care Insuance
Healthy Hospital Cash Insurance


Guide corporations in utilizing assets and managing risks
A corporate financial plan helps utilizing assets to increase returns, and managing risks. It can also improve its competitiveness within the industry, giving the company more expansion opportunities.

Insurance Protections:

Burglary Insurance
Business Interruption Insurance
Business Travel Insurance
Cargo Insurance
Construction all risks Insurance
Crime Insurance
Director & Officers Liability Insurance
Employer Liability Insurance
Employee Compensation
Engineering Insurance
Errors and omissions Insurance
Expatriate Insurance
Group Life insurance and Protection
Group Medical Insurance
Marine Insurance
Package Insurance
Political Risk Insurance
Professional Indemnify/Liability Insurance
Product Liability Insurance
Property and Casualty Insurance
Public Liability Insurance
Terrorism Insurance
Trade Credit Insurance


Financial Planning
Tax Planning
Loan Planning
Joint Venture
Public Relations & Marketing
Diversification and Expansion of Service Range
Corporate Consultancy and management
Human Resources & Head Hunting
Rental/Property Investment
Mandatory Provident Funds Scheme


What is Employee Choice Arrangement for MPF?
Mandatory Provident Fund (MPF) Scheme is one of the cornerstones for Hong Kong’s Retirement program. The Employee Choice Arrangement (ECA) gives employees greater autonomy, allowing them to, once a year, opt to transfer the accrued benefits derived from the employee mandatory contributions in their contribution accounts to a scheme of their own choice. Alternatively, they do not have to make any change. They can retain the accrued benefits in the original scheme selected by their employers.

Impact of ECA

For Employers:

Lower the edundancy fee in the long term
Provide the appropriate Funding Administration fee, lower your costs
Enhance the sense of belonging of the employees

For Employees:

Effectively reflect on the compounding effect, raising your fortune after retirement
Compound the old MPF personal account, easier to manage
Concentrate your capital into the most favorable portfolios, eliminating the costs while increasing the returns.

Advantages of ECA

Greater autonomy and flexibility
Higher investment returns
More well-performed funds and investment choices

Our services:

  • Professional trustee handpick great funds, achieve the best returns
  • Free MPF consulting services, full comprehension on funds information
  • Regular reflections on portfolios, lower the investment risks
  • Free account consolidation services, easier to manage effectively
  • Free funds transfer services, save the costs
  • Personalized services, to find the best fit for your risk tolerance level and financial circumstances 

Why Money Concepts?
– Professional wealth management practices
-Rich experience in operation
-Humane mode of management
-Personalized fund portfolio investment services