Money Concepts provides clients with the true value for money, offering straightforward, flexible and proven structures that have been used by leading property investments for years. Our professional services include research, valuations, development consultancy, asset management, asset enhancement, portfolio optimization strategies, legal and tax consultation and professional risk management. Money Concepts is also building consultancy throughout China, across Asia and around the globe.

With a strong history while working with property investments, we have an extensive understanding of the needs of our clients. Also Asian clients have come to recognize, depend on, and trust Money Concepts to handle their wealth and international property investments needs.

As the globalization continues, we will be committed to providing better and wider worldwide offshore property investments. We are able to leverage our extensive knowledge and mature infrastructure across the region to maximise our benefit to clients.

If you have any enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us by: [email protected]

Money Concepts exclusive services:
1. Worldwide premium properties
2. Property Experts with great experience
3. Individualized investment planning 
4. Investment Management – complete in-house management
5. Strong reputations for property investments
6. Stable investment return
7. Efficiency in operations
8. Legal, tax and commercial consultation

Why us:
1. Agency for different developers, providing diversified services
2. No commission payable for buyers
3. Buyers can get a free airline ticket after a successful purchase
4. Connections with various Property sellers


Money Concepts (Asia) Property Services Agency has rich operation experience, large variety of mortgage plans, as well as convenient transaction procedures.

Our services include:
1. Mortgage referral service 
2. Property agency service
3. Free consultancy service
4. Professional risk management
5. No commission for buyers

Money Concepts exclusives services:
1. Renovation coupon for a successful purchase 
2. Gift certificate for being a successful applicant
3. Providing the latest primary properties
4. Providing comprehensive properties and complements information 
5. One-stop mortgage and transaction procedures

Our mortgage consultation services help you to choose the best plan and rate, reducing your interest expense, thus enhancing your liquidity with better cash flow and improving your living standard.

– Enjoy Cash Rebates and best Prime rates
– Free consultation and comparison of plans
– Wide varieties of plans available
– Handled by experienced expertise
– Quick and simple application procedures

Types of properties:
New mortgage, refinancing and cash-out refinancing on primary, second-hand residential, commercial, industrial properties.

Property Valuation for reference:

Hang Seng Bank
Bank of China

Mortgage Calculators:

Hang Seng Bank
Bank of China

If you have any enquiries, please feel free to contact us by [email protected]

Scope & Procedures: