The services we provide are devised to meet the particular needs that come with owning substantial family assets. Our number one concern is to act in the interest of your family as a whole and its individual members.

Our expertise is based on years of experience at the service of wealthy families. Through our guidance, we help them reach their goals, providing all the support they need in terms of wealth management.

We carefully take their goals into consideration when we manage and coordinate their assets. We have specialists in the fields of asset structuring, investments, real estate, securities and insurance. We can guarantee comprehensive advice.

– take over their administration and provide them with regular and consolidated reports on the development of their total assets.
– Our trusted advisers are responsible of the management of their assets and financial affairs. 
– Act as a determining point for your family’s wealth management programme in the fullest sense.
– Offer a highly qualified, multi-disciplined team of advisers who will look at the big picture and devise a strategy for managing your family’s wealth.